Two More SUV Applicants Nearing Canadian Permanent Residency Approval

In an exciting update, two more Start-up Visa clients are on the brink of achieving their Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Both clients have reached the final step in the process, receiving their Biometric and Medical Examination letters.

Two More SUV Applicants Nearing Canadian Permanent Residency Approval

The first client, the recipient of the Biometric Letter, submitted their application on September 22, 2021, and received the correspondence on August 16, 2023.  The second client, who received the Medical Examination Letter, also submitted their application on September 22, 2021, and obtained the letter on August 21, 2023.

Both cases spend less than 2 years to the final step of the SUV process. Since the SUV program processing time is 37 months, which is shown on the IRCC website, our cases’ processing time seems to go a better way than expected.


The receipt of these letters is a significant milestone, as it signals the impending completion of the PR process. This achievement is a testament to its expertise in navigating the complexities of the Start-up Visa program and its commitment to providing tailored services that align with the IRCC requirements.


The Start-up Visa Program has proven to be a practical pathway for entrepreneurial talent aiming to establish a permanent presence in Canada’s thriving tech ecosystems. In light of Eterna’s consistent success in securing letters of support and work permit approvals, the program is becoming increasingly recognized as the preferred solution for clients seeking to launch globally-reaching ventures.


Given the swift progress of these two clients, now is an optimal time for potential Start-up Visa applicants. For your clients who are seeking to expedite their journey to Canadian work permits and permanent residency, Eterna stands ready to provide strategic guidance and unwavering support.


Since the Start-up Visa Program entered its golden time, the increased annual spots, 3-year open work permits, and faster processing show its benefits in attracting worldwide immigration entrepreneurs.


For more information, we welcome you to reach out and discover how Eterna can accelerate your clients’ transition to Canadian residency and business success.

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