The Top 5 Reasons Why Canada Is the Best Immigration Destination

Why Canada Is the Best Immigration Destination?

Now a day, many people talk about immigration. Everything seems so much easier today, from something as small as ordering your favorite food to your doorstep to something as big and complex as moving to an entirely different continent.

Looking to move your family and find a good job overseas, enrolling your kid in a student-exchange program has almost become a moment. The only significant challenge that you will have in front of yourself is selecting that one perfect country for you to make the big move. Let us help you decide by narrowing your options from around 200 to the ideal 1: Canada.

Why might Canada be the perfect decision for you? What makes Canada so appealing to so many immigrants? Why is Canada the best option for students, professionals, and people just looking for a fresh start? Let’s try to know about Canada immigration, especially Canada Start-up Visa.

Get all your questions answered here! Here are the top 5 reasons why Canada is the best country to move to:

Simpler Citizenship Process 

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Contrary to the citizenship laws in other countries, where you can apply for citizenship only after many years of residency, in Canada, you can apply for citizenship within the first three years. Moreover, unlike applying for a permanent residency (PR), applying for a Canadian passport is much easier, and you are guaranteed to get one if you fulfill clear conditions.

As a holder of a Canadian passport, life becomes much easier. According to a recent study by CNN, a Canadian passport ranks as the 7th most powerful passport in the world. With a Canadian passport, you can travel to almost any country visa-free.

Great Job opportunities

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The Canadian government identified nearly 350 job opportunities in need of immigrants allowing qualified foreigners to secure a job and permanent residency even before moving to Canada. You can check here to see if the job you are looking for is included in the list or not.

Additionally, Canada is the 9th largest economy in the world. It is known to have had steady growth over the years. This stable growth of Canada’s economy has also resulted in a considerable job market due to the current labor shortage.

Canada is a global competitor when it comes to business and brand marketing. Some Canadian brands are widely popular and globally known, such as Lululemon, Aldo, Blackberry, Four Seasons, and many others.

Most importantly, Canada’s population is pretty low, resulting in lower internal competition for employment. Everything considered Canada becomes one of the best options to choose from a job perspective.

Excellent education at a lower cost

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Canada ranks fifth in the world when it comes to education. Most of its universities rank in the top 50. Moreover, one does not need to worry about heavy tuition fees when studying in Canada. Generally, universities in Canada cost a lot less than in most other developed countries.

However, it additionally also offers various programs and support networks for immigrant students to make education more cost convenient for them.

Conversely, if it isn’t your education that you are worried about but your children’s, Canada is still one of the best options. Public schools in Canada, which most Canadian residents prefer, are entirely free for Canadians and residents (on a work permit or permanent residency visa). Therefore you will be ensuring quality education for your children that too at almost no cost at all.

Universal Health Care

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The free universal health care system is probably one of the most enticing reasons to immigrate to Canada. Once you become a permanent resident, you can apply for free public health insurance. This insurance comes as a small card, ensuring that all your medical expenses become the government’s responsibility. The government handles all your hospital costs ranging from general body check-ups to critical illnesses. Medical costs, usually one of our biggest worries, are efficiently managed in Canada.


Canada has ranked 6th on the  Global Peace Index, making it one of the safest countries in the world. Though not wholly zero, the crime rates in Canada are pretty low compared to most other countries due to strict criminal laws, limited gun ownership, or simply the kind nature and peaceful demeanor of its citizens.

Canada is a beautiful country with a high quality of life. It offers many opportunities for its immigrants, making it one of the perfect places to move to. Its scenic beauty, friendly people, abundant space, limited population, and delicious food are just a few more to mention.

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