Mission & Vision

Rich in Traditions. Built on Trust.
Fueled by Innovation.

Our Mission

We aim to be the most respected business-to-business investment immigration service provider by giving access to state-of-the-art services. We continuously exceed partners’ expectations by delivering positive and efficient results to their clients.

Our Vision

We believe the most meaningful role we can play in our clients’ lives is providing them with the best investment immigration products to empower them in a changing world. Our people are working tirelessly at changing our clients’ destinies.

Our Values

Our People

Our success relies entirely on our people and our capacity to create an empowering work environment aimed at growth and excellence.


We lead with a service-oriented approach, allowing us to anticipate and adapt to a changing environment by delivering innovative solutions.


Each team member is accountable to the strictest ethical standards learned from our rich experience. We always put the client’s interest and Eterna’s reputation in our decision-making process.


We prioritize the interest of our partners (immigration consultants and other professionals) by fostering a culture of transparency and excellence to achieve outstanding results.

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