Eterna Achieves Start-up Visa Work Permit Approvals in Under 3 Months

In a noteworthy development, Eterna has successfully expedited work permit approvals for three of its Start-up Visa clients, each within a three-month timeframe.

The first work permit was granted just 42 days after the initial application on March 8th, followed by a second approval in 68 days, and a third within a 100-day period. These swift turnarounds are a testament to Eterna’s compliance with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requirements.

Navigating the Start-up Visa process over many cases has proven to be invaluable in securing these outcomes. As Canada continues to enhance its immigration policies to attract entrepreneurial talent, the Start-up Visa program has emerged as a streamlined pathway for visionaries to establish themselves in Canada’s burgeoning tech ecosystems.

Given Eterna’s proven track record in securing letters of support, work permit and permanent residence approvals, the firm’s Start-up Visa Program is increasingly being recognized as the go-to solution for clients aiming to launch ventures with global reach. Eterna’s tailored approach and steadfast advocacy have been pivotal in turning entrepreneurial aspirations into reality.

As the Start-up Visa program gains momentum, now is an opportune time for prospective clients to leverage Eterna’s expertise. For those seeking to expedite their journey to Canadian work permits and permanent residency, Eterna stands as the optimal partner to fuel such path-breaking enterprises.

For further inquiries, we invite you to reach out and explore how Eterna can accelerate your client’s transition to Canadian residency and business success.

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