New Citizenship Rules with Over Million Passports Issued, Ireland Offers a Better Gateway to EU for Non-EEA Citizen

Despite the closure of the program, non-EEA citizen applications already submitted are still being processed, and the application amount for the Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) in 2023 is even more than the total amount for the entire of 2022. This shows that IIP remains an attractive route to EU residency. Once approved under the IIP, investors can access the program’s residency benefits and flexible path to Irish citizenship

The Irish government continues promoting the long-term migration of global talent. In Ireland’s thriving economy, IIP participants can gain residency rights and leverage future citizenship opportunities. 

In fact, Ireland is issuing record levels of passports, reaching 1.08 million in 2022, and the Irish immigration department expects to issue close to 1.1 million passports this year. This reflects a high demand for Irish citizenship, with over 100,000 granted last year. Relaxed naturalization rules also help investors.  

At the same time, the annual permissible absence was raised from 42 to 70 days. An exception applies for absences over 70 days due to exceptional circumstances such as health, family, work, or studies. In these cases, applicants can be absent for up to 100 days while maintaining reckonable residence.  

*More details about the new Irish citizenship application rules for non-EEA applicants: Click Here 


With Ireland forecasting robust GDP growth exceeding 3.5% in 2023 and 4% next year,  its strong economy will remain a magnet for investment and expansion. The country’s business-friendly policies, including a 12.5% corporate tax rate, appeal to global enterprises.

The IIP offers a foothold in the EU and a path to live and work across member states. Despite limited spots, it provides access to Ireland’s future growth. Investors who gain approval can then pursue citizenship and EU rights. 


By leveraging Ireland’s expanding economy and streamlined naturalization process, the IIP delivers long-term residency benefits beyond the program’s duration. The pathway to citizenship opens doors for personal mobility and company growth across the European single market. 

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