Eterna International Connects with Numerous Prospects at South Africa Emigration Expo

Eterna International recently attended the two-day Emigration Expo held in Johannesburg. The expo provided an ideal platform for our team to interact directly with hundreds of individuals and families interested in bringing their talent and expertise abroad. Eterna represents multiple employers that are looking to attract those talented individuals.
Our Head Manager of South Africa, Caleb Naidoo, our CEO, Pierre-Marc Lecompte, and Global Markets Economic Immigration Consultant, Marcelo Guevara, were present to meet and provide advice to these candidates and their families during the event.
Eterna Team Met with Over 450 Candidates at South Africa Emigration Expo
The line formed in front of Eterna’s boor as the weight of load sharing and social instability slowly affected people’s morale. “People have had enough and are now looking to bring their talent elsewhere where they can get peace of mind, security, and better quality of life,” summarized Caleb Naidoo.
“We just couldn’t believe the amount of Interest and the quality of the candidates we were meeting. I met at least 15 doctors and 50 software engineers looking to move to Canada today. From Mechanical Engineers to specialized teachers, we were just amazed by the diversity of level of people we were meeting.” Mentioned Pierre-Marc Lecompte after the event.
The attendees were particularly interested in Canada, Ireland, and the USA, but many were also interested in Portugal and Spain Golden Visa.

The Emigration Expo allowed Eterna International to showcase our capabilities in South Africa as part of our broader market expansion. We are committed to delivering exemplary guidance to help more individuals and families achieve their immigration goals. Our participation generated promising leads and reinforced our reputation as a trusted immigration firm.

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