Introducing the New Eterna Angel Founder Package©: A Path to Canada Start-up Visa Success

The new and highly anticipated Eterna Angel Founder Package© is specifically designed for innovative entrepreneurs seeking to expand their existing innovative businesses into the Canadian market. This exclusive package offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities that can empower your clients to gain a significant edge.

To qualify for this offering, applicants must be founders of an existing innovative business and demonstrate a strong commitment to inviting two exceptional teammates to help propel their business forward in Canada.

Now, let’s delve into the remarkable features that make the Eterna Angel Founder Package© truly exceptional:
  1. Founder: Eterna Angel Founder Package© provides exceptional value for founders aiming to leave their mark in Canada and benefit from the resources of new teammates at unbeatable prices. With our comprehensive support and expertise, entrepreneurs will be equipped with the necessary tools to make a lasting impact in the Canadian business landscape. Our personalized guidance and invaluable resources are dedicated to fueling their success at every step of the journey.
  2. Teammate: Having the opportunity to share the success of an existing business and unlocking a path to Canadian immigration, build a strong, synergistic team contributing to the growth and prosperity of the country along the way.

The New Eterna Angel Founder Package©: A Path to Canada Start-up Visa Success

At Eterna International, we take immense pride in our position as industry leaders in Canadian immigration programs, with an unwavering focus on the Canada Start-Up Visa program. We are thrilled to announce that our commitment to excellence has resulted in an extraordinary 100% success rate in securing letters of support, work permits, and permanent residence visas for our valued partners’ clients.

With the Eterna Angel Founder Package©, clients gain a competitive advantage and embark on a transformative journey toward realizing their entrepreneurial dreams in Canada. Get in touch with us for more details about the Eterna Angel Founder Package©

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