Portugal Golden
Residence Permit Program

A perfect program for immigrants who wish to invest in the development of Portugal and benefit from its high quality of life. 

Main Eligibility conditions


The applicants must invest in one of the eligible investment options: capital transfer (minimum €500,000), real estate acquisition (€280,000 to €500,000), or job-creating business investment for at least five years. 


The applicants aged at least 18 years old must have never been convicted of a criminal offense in any jurisdiction. This evidence must be provided at the submission of the golden visa application. 


The applicants must provide the proper documentation to establish their identity, proof of qualifying investment and its ownership by the applicants, healthcare coverage, etc. 

Portugal Fact Sheets

Capital: Lisbon
Major cities: Lisbon, O’Porto
Population: 10.3 million (2021)
GDP: 249.9 billion USD (2021)

Settlement in Portugal

Upon issuing the golden residence permit, the principal applicants, their spouses, and dependent children can settle in Portugal to live, work, study, and travel visa-free to 188 countries. 

Low Physical Presence

A golden residence permit holder can maintain their status by visiting the country a   minimum of seven days per year and by abiding o the other visa conditions. 

Access to Citizenship

Golden residence permit holders can apply for Portugal citizenship after a minimum of five years if they fulfill the conditions of their citizenship and establish themselves in Portugal. 


Real Estate Investment

Acquisition of a real estate property worth (i) €500,000 (or €400,000 for a property located in a low-density area), or (ii) €350,000 – including the cost of renovation if built 30 years ago or more, or located in an urban rehabilitation area (or €280,000 for a property located in a low-density area), excluding residential real estate property in Lisbon, Porto, and other non-eligible areas. 

Capital Investment

Capital transfer of (i) € 1.5 million into a Portuguese bank account or approved investments, or (ii) €500,000 into an investment or venture capital fund units committed to capitalization of companies incorporated under Portugal law, for five years and with 60% of the portfolio in companies registered in Portugal. Lower investment thresholds are provided for scientific and technological research investments and support for artistic projects, national cultural maintenance, or recovery. 

Business Investment

The Portugal Golden residence permit program also allows (i) investments leading to the creation of at least ten new jobs (or eight new jobs in an area where the population density is lower than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer or if the gross domestic product is lower than 75% of the national GDP average), or (ii) € 500,000 for the incorporation or company share capital increase registered according to Portugal laws, creating or maintaining at least five permanent jobs for a period of three years. 

Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program​ Insights


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