Canada Rated World’s 2nd Best Country – Ideal for Start-up Visa Applicants

The 2023 Best Countries report by U.S. News ranks Canada as the 2nd best country globally, highlighting its welcoming environment for immigrants and entrepreneurs.

Rounding out the top five countries were Sweden in third, followed by Australia and the United States in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Canada Rated World's 2nd Best Country - Ideal for Start-up Visa Applicants

U.S. News analyzed 87 countries across 10 sub-categories to determine the rankings, ranking the top 20 nations in each. The overall rankings were formulated based on a country’s cumulative performance across the sub-categories.

Canada’s move to second place in 2023 signals its strength across factors like quality of life, social purpose, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, and adaptability. The report affirms Canada’s reputation as a preferred destination for immigrants and businesses worldwide.

Canada provides an excellent launchpad for start-ups with its business-friendly policies, skilled workforce, and high quality of life. The Start-up Visa program facilitates permanent residence for innovative entrepreneurs.

Applicants with a promising business idea can obtain support from a Canadian incubator, angel investor group, or venture fund. Once approved, they can incorporate and grow their company in Canada’s thriving startup ecosystem.

Canada also ranked highly for racial equality, education, and raising children. Its cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal have emerged as global tech hubs.

Here are Canada’s Rankings in the Key Categories of the 2023 Best Countries Report. In the 10 sub-categories assessed, Canada placed among the top 5 countries in 4 areas:

  • 5th in Entrepreneurship.
  • 3rd in Quality of Life
  • 4th in Social Purpose
  • 2nd in Agility

*Social Purpose ranks progressive commitment to social justice, while Agility measures a country’s adaptability.

Additionally, Canada made the top 7 “Best For” countries in 9 out of 15 attributes:

  • 2nd best to start a career.
  • 4th best for education
  • 7th best for studying abroad.
  • 7th best for raising kids
  • 2nd best for racial equality
  • 6th best for women
  • 6th best for comfortable retirement
  • 6th most transparent
  • 2nd best to headquarter a corporation

Canada consistently performs well on these fronts, affirming its reputation as an appealing destination. By ranking among the best countries for immigrants to prosper professionally and socially, Canada signals its ability to meet newcomers’ aspirations. Its high global standing reflects the possibilities it offers immigrants seeking to flourish.

For entrepreneurs worldwide, Canada offers the stability, resources, and opportunities to turn bold ideas into successful companies. The Start-up Visa accelerates this journey with fast-track permanent residence. As Canada ranks as a top country for business, innovation, and immigrant integration, the program provides an accessible pathway to build your next venture.

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