107% Month-over-month Increase in Canada Start-Up Visa PR Approval

Recent data on the Canada SUV PR approval reveals that the Canada Start-Up Visa (SUV) program is rapidly gaining traction as a pathway to permanent residence for immigrant entrepreneurs.

In July 2023, 135 newcomers arrived through the SUV program, more than double the 65 that came in June. This dramatic 107% month-over-month increase highlights the visa’s surging popularity.

Canada has welcomed 480 SUV newcomers in the first 7 months of 2023, a 33% rise from 360 in the same period in 2022. At the current rate, Canada is projected to approve over 800 SUV applicants by year-end, handily exceeding last year’s 575. Considering the SUV program target increased to 3,500 PR approval quotas in 2023, there are still over 3,000 quotas to reach the target. This can help us to predict that SUV approvals will grow more in the coming months.

The upward trend aligns with Canada’s 2023 immigration goal of 465,000 newcomers. Already, 303,955 immigrants have arrived this year, keeping Canada on track to hit its target. The Immigration Levels Plan has allocated 3,500 spots specifically for the Start-Up Visa program. With 303,955 new immigrants already welcomed so far this year, Canada remains on pace to achieve its overall target.

107% Month-over-month Increase in Canada Start-Up Visa PR Approval

To fulfill the allocated 3,500 Start-Up Visa approvals, IRCC still needs to approve over 3,000 applicants between now and December. This suggests a major spike in SUV applications in the coming months as the department works rapidly to meet the designated quota.

The growing popularity highlights that with Canada actively incentivizing business immigration, the Start-Up Visa presents an increasingly accessible path to permanent residence for immigrant entrepreneurs worldwide.

Under the program, applicants can obtain an initial work permit to come to Canada and develop their innovative business idea. Guidance from designated organizations like incubators, angel investors, or venture capital funds helps maximize the chances of building a successful, globally oriented company. Once the business is established, applicants can transition from the work permit to permanent resident status.


The thriving technology and startup ecosystems in major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Waterloo provide ideal conditions for immigrant founders. Access to funding, expert mentorship, sizable talent pools, and other key resources help turn bold ventures into reality. For these reasons, Canada has emerged as a leading magnet for immigrant entrepreneurship.

As Canada continues to target record levels of immigration, the Start-Up Visa program’s flexibility and closely aligned vision with attracting global talent positions it as an exceptionally attractive permanent residence option going forward. Acting swiftly to apply now can allow applicants to fully capitalize on this momentum and maximize their chances of approval.

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