Unraveling the Rationale and Outcomes of the Canada SUV Program

The Rationale: Why Did the Canadian Government Create the Canada SUV Program? 

The primary reason behind the establishment of the SUV program is to attract global entrepreneurial talent and stimulate economic growth in Canada. By leveraging the innovative ideas and expertise of foreign entrepreneurs, the Canadian government aims to:

1.  Foster Innovation: The SUV program is designed to attract innovative entrepreneurs with unique business ideas that hold the potential to drive economic growth. By doing so, the Canadian government aims to foster a culture of innovation and bolster its competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

2.  Boost Economic Growth: By attracting entrepreneurs who can create new job opportunities and contribute to the country’s GDP, the Canadian government seeks to stimulate economic growth. Successful start-ups can generate significant economic activity, creating a ripple effect throughout the economy. Canada’s GDP is boosting in recent years, according to the data released by the world bank, its GDP reached 1.99 trillion in 2021.

Unraveling the Rationale and Outcomes of the Canada SUV Program

3.  Enhance Canada’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The SUV program helps to strengthen the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing in diverse entrepreneurs and their expertise. This influx of talent can lead to increased collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the development of new ideas and technologies within the Canadian start-up scene.

4. Promote Global Recognition: The program also aims to enhance Canada’s reputation as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. By attracting high-potential start-ups, the Canadian government seeks to position itself as an attractive destination for entrepreneurs worldwide.


Objectives: What Does the Canadian Government Want to Earn from the SUV Program? 


The Canadian government has several objectives in implementing the SUV program, which includes:

1.  Job Creation: One of the main objectives of the program is to create new job opportunities for Canadians. Successful start-ups are expected to hire local talent, thereby contributing to the country’s employment rate and overall economic well-being.

2.  Attracting Foreign Investment: The program seeks to attract foreign investment by requiring entrepreneurs to secure a minimum investment from designated Canadian organizations. This investment can lead to increased capital inflows into the Canadian economy.

3. Diversifying the Economy: By attracting entrepreneurs from various industries and backgrounds, the SUV program aims to diversify the Canadian economy. This diversification can help to reduce the country’s dependence on traditional sectors and build a more resilient economy.

4. Promoting Canadian Exports: The program also aims to facilitate the growth of Canadian exports by encouraging entrepreneurs to develop innovative products and services that can be sold internationally. This growth can contribute to the country’s balance of trade and overall economic performance.

Outcomes: What Has the Canadian Government Already Earned from the SUV Program? 


The 2021 Global Startup Ecosystem Report by Startup Genome ranked Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal among the top 50 start-up ecosystems globally. This recognition showcases the enhanced entrepreneurial ecosystem in Canada, in part due to the SUV program.

Since its inception, the SUV program has achieved several notable outcomes:


1.   Increased Entrepreneurial Activity: The program has attracted a diverse range of entrepreneurs and start-ups from various industries, including technology, healthcare, and clean energy. This influx of talent has helped to boost entrepreneurial activity and create new opportunities within the Canadian economy.

For example, Venture capital investment in Canadian startups surpassed $13.6 billion in 2021, more than double the previous high of $5.8 billion in 2019, according to PitchBook data, indicating the vitality of Canada’s start-up scene.


2. Job Creation: Successful start-ups under the SUV program have created job opportunities for Canadians, fulfilling one of the program’s primary objectives. While the exact number of jobs created varies, it is evident that the program has had a positive impact on the country’s employment landscape.

One example is the success of Flytographer, founded by Nicole Smith. Flytographer is a unique marketplace that connects travelers with local photographers in over 300 cities around the world. The company was accepted into the SUV program in 2014 and has since grown exponentially, capturing more than 2 million vacation memories for clients globally. Flytographer has created numerous job opportunities for photographers and support staff in Canada and worldwide.


3. Foreign Investment: The SUV program has attracted significant foreign investment into the Canadian economy, as entrepreneurs secure funding from designated Canadian organizations. This investment has provided much-needed capital for start-ups to develop and grow their businesses.

In recent years, Canada has seen a surge in foreign direct investment, the stock of Canadian direct investment abroad grew by $67.2 billion in 2021, following a $41.5 billion increase in 2020, according to Statistics Canada. The SUV program has played a role in attracting these investments and fostering a welcoming environment for international entrepreneurs.


4.  Global Recognition: Canada’s reputation as an entrepreneurial hub has been bolstered by the SUV program, with the country now being recognized as a top destination for start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs. This recognition has increased Canada’s global competitiveness and helped to attract additional talent and investment.

The GII is an annual ranking of countries by their innovation capabilities and results. In the 2021 report, Canada ranked 16th out of 132 countries, demonstrating its strong innovation performance. The SUV program contributes to Canada’s innovation ecosystem by attracting entrepreneurial talent from around the world, helping the country maintain and improve its standing in global innovation rankings.


The Canadian government has achieved notable outcomes since the program’s inception, confirming its value as a strategic immigration pathway for the country. The Canada Start-up Visa program has had a significant impact on Canada’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and its overall economic growth.

The program’s success in attracting global talent, creating jobs, securing foreign investment, and increasing global recognition demonstrates its effectiveness in achieving its objectives and contributing to the country’s prosperity.

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