Exciting! Another Eterna IIP Client Received a Pre-Approval Letter

It’s thrilling to announce that Eterna International receives two Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) pre-approval for our clients on the same day.

We are pleased to share that another one of our clients recently received pre-approval for the IIP through the Endowment donation to St Catherine’s Association Estate in Dublin. Our client decided to make a €400,000 one-time philanthropic donation to St Catherine’s. This leading Irish charity provides housing and care services to the elderly and vulnerable in the community.

Exciting! Another Eterna IIP Client Received a Pre-Approval Letter

As one of Ireland’s foremost immigration consultancies, Eterna International has been a major facilitator of Endowment donations under the Ireland Investor Programme since 2018. We maintain strong partnerships with the country’s top charities to structure rewarding and impactful donations for our clients.

Even with the closure of the IIP, applications are still being processed. Data shows application volumes through June 2023 surpass the total amount submitted in all of 2022, as interest in the programme continues to rise.

With the Eterna team of experienced experts to guide your application, choosing our services is a wise decision for immigrant investors who want to take advantage of the Ireland Programme while it remains in process.


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