Throwback 2023: A Year of Rewarding and Encouraging to Eterna International

Facing the start of a new year, it’s a moment to look back at 2023 – a challenging and rewarding year for Eterna International. Thanks to our partners for trusting us and relying on us. Eterna is doing our best to service you with comprehensive work from now till the future.

Our Record in 2023

In 2023, Eterna International has maintained our remarkable record in the Canada start-up visa program or Ireland Investor immigrants program applications, such as assisting our SUV client in obtaining the Canadian PR in 18 months, shorter than the IRCC official processing time of 37 months.

The outstanding record is not only showing in the PR application. This year, we are proud to continue our 100% success rate in the letter of support application, an essential document during the start-up visa application process to maximize our clients’ approval rate in applying for the Canada start-up visa program.

As for the Ireland Investor Immigrant Programme (IIP), we keep assisting our clients in obtaining final approval for the Ireland residency. According to our experience, our clients would receive the pre-approvals in around 12 months. After they complete the donation, they would wait for the final approvals for the Ireland residency.


Throwback Eterna International’s 2023

Eterna International attended numerous events showcasing our commitment to excellence and strengthening our relationships with business partners. These events ranged from industry conferences, seminars, and summits to informal networking meetups designed for cooperation, knowledge sharing, and business development.

Pierre-Marc Lecompte, Nicolas Laurin, and Tracy Hua represented the Eterna International at the Asia Outbound Summit in Ho Chi Minh City.
Pierre-Marc Lecompte, Nicolas Laurin, and Tracy Hua represented the Eterna team at the Asia Outbound Summit in Ho Chi Minh City.
Nicolas Laurin, Emily Zheng, and Miranda Zhang attended the 2023 Chengdu Immigration Industry Summit in Kunming, Yunnan.
Pierre-Marc Lecompte and Brian Farrell inspected the apartments in Porto before they were delivered to the clients.
Caleb Naidoo, Pierre-Marc Lecompte, and Marcelo Guevara attended the two-day Emigration Expo held in Johannesburg.
During the Emigration Expo held in Johannesburg, our team met and advised individuals and families interested in bringing their talent and expertise abroad.
Eterna International was presented with the “Golden Cooperation Partner” award from the Guangdong Entry & Exit Immigration Association.
At the 2023 Global Entry & Exit Immigration Industry Summit held in China, Emily, Eterna’s Business Development Manager (Greater China), shared valuable insights regarding application approval rates and potential reforms for the Canada Start-up Visa (SUV) program.
Nicolas Laurin was honored with the “Outstanding Leadership Award” for his extraordinary real estate and finance achievements at the Spring Edition of the MoRE 2.0 Conference.
Our Irish team had a productive business lunch with Pierre-Marc Lecompte, Brian Farrell, Xi Zhou, Louise Kiernan, Rachel Kelly-Doolin, Che Ce, Linda Nan Zhang, and Sinéad Murphy during Nicolas Laurin’s visit to Dublin.
Pierre-Marc Lecompte and Nicolas Laurin had excellent training meetings with our growing Dubai processing colleagues.
Nicolas Laurin, L.L.B. visited our Shanghai team to impart up-to-date insights and requirements of the Canada Start-up Visa (SUV) program.
Nicolas Laurin and Tracy Hua had an event to discuss the new opportunities of the enhanced Canada Start-Up Visa Program with our partner in Vietnam.
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