The Latest Successful Canada PR Approval Case for Innovative Start-Up Team

Another start-up team obtained their Canada Permanent Residency (PR) approvals through the Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program. The Latest Successful Canada PR Approval Case for Innovative Start-Up Team

The immigration journey of this start-up team

The team’s expertise was key to their success.  There are three members in this SUV team:

  • The position has worked for an international credit card company for many years and is a professional in marketing;
  • The position is a financial professional (auditor);
  • The position has been running the business for a Middle Eastern important family for many years and is the manager of an international airport.

None of them applied for work permits, and they stayed in their home country to wait to proceed directly toward Canadian permanent residency.

Their project, focused on harvesting renewable energy from buildings, shows their commitment to sustainability and innovation. Also, this idea matches Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy for immigrants.

The team’s journey began in July 2021. Around three months later, they received their letters of support from the designated organization. On 15th November 2021, they submitted the PR application to IRCC.

During the application process, the project got several requests for intellectual property (IP) strategy updates and explanations, which the applicants provided this summer of 2023. IRCC is satisfied with the project’s IP strategy and the updated projections of their business plan after receiving the supplements. The PR application has been smooth and successful, and the applicants received their PR approval letters on 1 Dec 2023The whole immigration processing time is around 24 months, shorter than the official processing time of 37 months.

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