Which Province Provides the Strongest Sense of Belonging for SUV Applicants?

The Canada official survey shows immigrants who live in Ontario experience the strongest sense of belonging to Canada. It is essential to make newcomers feel welcome and integrated as it positively impacts their success and well-being in a new country.


Ontario, with Toronto as its vibrant heart and one of the world’s most multicultural metropolises, presents a compelling mix of cultural diversity, solid economic prospects, and a friendly environment for immigrants. This province’s pronounced sense of belonging may be attributed to its embracing multiculturalism and the opportunities it provides immigrants for success.

Atlantic Canada, comprising Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, also ranks high on immigrant belongingness. These provinces, celebrated for their welcoming communities and quality of life, have been proactively working towards attracting and retaining immigrants to address their demographic challenges, such as population decrease and aging.

The Strongest Sense of Belonging Provinces for the Start-Up Visa Program Applicants 

The choice of province for Start-Up Visa Program applicants could be influenced by the specific support provided to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

British Columbia is another perfect choice for an international entrepreneur. It has a bigger economy and more diverse people. It’s close to Asia and with a big tech industry, like Silicon Valley in the U.S.

Ontario and British Columbia are the go-to choices for immigrants seeking a prosperous future. These provinces boast thriving start-up ecosystems, abundant venture capital, and robust entrepreneurial support structures that provide a solid foundation for success.

Ontario: Canada’s Tech Industry Powerhouse  

Ontario, being home to Toronto, Canada’s biggest city, and other notable tech hubs like Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo, is a beacon for tech entrepreneurs.

  • Dynamic Tech Ecosystem: Toronto enjoys a reputation as one of North America’s fastest-growing tech markets. With a vibrant tech scene and diverse economy, Ontario has become an attractive option for Start-Up Visa Program applicants. Tech bigwigs like Shopify OpenText, among others, have sprung from Ontario, creating a motivating ecosystem for newcomers.
  • Venture Capital Accessibility: Ontario prides itself on having one of Canada’s highest concentrations of venture capital. Venture capital firms, including OMERS Ventures and Georgian Partners, offer considerable start-up funding opportunities.
  • Supportive Infrastructure: The province boasts an array of incubators, accelerators, and innovation centers like MaRS Discovery District, Communitech, and Invest Ottawa. These organizations provide mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, aiding start-ups in their growth and success journey.
British Columbia: A Vibrant Start-Up Hub 

Despite scoring lower than Ontario regarding immigrant belongingness, BC, especially Vancouver, has a dynamic start-up scene that could be highly attractive for Start-Up Visa Program applicants.

  • Tech Industry Expansion: BC’s tech industry has grown substantially recently. The province hosts several high-profile tech firms, including Telus, Slack’s Engineering office, and Canva’s product growth team, contributing to a thriving start-up environment.
  • Availability of Venture Capital: Similar to Ontario, BC also enjoys a significant presence of venture capital. Over recent years, Vancouver, BC’s largest city, has experienced an appreciable increase in venture capital deals, indicating a healthy investor interest in the region’s start-ups.
  • Entrepreneurial Support: BC provides extensive support for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Organizations such as BC Tech Association Innovate BC and accelerators like Launch Academy offer resources, mentorship, and crucial industry connections. The city also hosts tech events and conferences, providing networking opportunities to engage with potential partners, investors, and clients.

In determining a province to call home, start-up visa applicants should weigh both the sense of belonging that the province can offer and the specific supports and opportunities available for start-ups and entrepreneurs. While Ontario and British Columbia provide unique advantages, the final choice would hinge on the particular objectives and needs of the immigrant entrepreneur.

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