Led by Toronto, 5 Foremost Cities Ranks as the Best Cities in The World

The latest rankings from Resonance Consultancy indicate that Canada’s international allure is on an upswing, with five of its cities earning spots on the list of the world’s foremost cities for 2024. This report arrives concomitantly with the noteworthy 107% monthly growth rate of Canada’s Start-Up Visa (SUV) program, signifying the country’s potential as an attractive destination for prospective entrepreneurs.

Toronto Leads the Canadian Pack 

Toronto has been ranked 23rd globally by The Resonance Consultancy report, making it the highest-ranking Canadian city. The city’s diverse population and economy have contributed to its significant growth, attributed to immigration and global investment. Toronto’s green spaces, exceptional universities, and major construction projects are some of the critical indicators of its readiness for future progress.

Toronto’s culinary scene, cultural diversity, and entertainment options were recently featured in an article by Now Toronto, further enhancing the city’s appeal. The flourishing arts scene and the city’s commitment to sustainability, evident in its many green initiatives, contribute to its high ranking.

Other Canadian Cities Making Their Mark 

Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary are all recognized for their unique attractions and potential. Vancouver, renowned for its stunning natural beauty and multicultural charm, has significantly jumped from 69th to 50th place within a year.

Montreal has reached the top 100 for its vibrant indie music scene, innovative spirit, and commitment to pedestrian-friendly urban planning. Ottawa’s focus on education and the growth of knowledge-based businesses, along with Calgary’s economic resilience and emerging entrepreneurial scene, further strengthen Canada’s global position.

Why the SUV Program is the Right Choice Now 

The Canada Start-Up Visa (SUV) program is an excellent opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs, with a record-breaking 107% monthly approval rate growth. And because of the latest enhancements, the SUV program is now more attractive.

To prioritize applications, the SUV program seeks committed capital from venture capital firms, angel investor groups, or business incubators. This reflects Canada’s dedication to nurturing a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. The SUV program has set an ambitious target of approving 3,500 permanent residency applications by 2023, making it an attractive destination for top entrepreneurial talents from around the globe.

With the rising global recognition of Canadian cities and the soaring approval rate of the SUV program, there’s never been a better time for entrepreneurs to consider this opportunity. If your clients are entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and a vision to make a global impact, the SUV program is their opportunity to join Canada’s thriving entrepreneurial scene and contribute to the growth of its world-class cities.

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