IRCC Data: High Approval for Work Permits in Canada’s SUV Program

IRCC’s latest data shows a persistently high approval rate for work permits, averaging an impressive 90%. Remarkably, the approval rate reached 96% in 2021, a positive program performance trend.


The Steady Rise in SUV Work Permit Approval Rates 

Over the past few years, the Canada Start-Up Visa program has emerged as an attractive way for entrepreneurs worldwide to settle in Canada. Eterna International received recently released data from IRCC, providing a compelling snapshot of the program’s success.  The Canada SUV program, designed to attract innovative entrepreneurs, continues to demonstrate a high success rate. Since its inception, the program has seen an upward trajectory in work permit approval rates.

IRCC Data: High Approval for Work Permits in Canada's SUV Program

According to the data from 2018 to 2023, the number of approved work permit applications has steadily risen. In 2018, the program gave an approval rate of 91.67%. In 2019, approvals maintained a high approval rate of 93.59%.

The continued into 2020, with 108 approvals out of 117 applications, translating to a 92.31% approval rate. The approval rate peaked in 2021 with a record-breaking 96%. The program saw a significant surge in applications the following year, with 382 out of 420 applications approved, marking an approval rate of 90.95%.

In the first seven months of 2023, the program had already seen a staggering 391 approvals out of 462 applications, with a few months remaining. It’s predicted that there will be more approval cases in the coming months because of the enhanced SUV rules and Canada’s welcoming attitude toward immigrants.

Factors Behind the High Work Permit Approval Rates 

Now is a time when Canada is actively looking for immigration solutions to address escalating labor shortages. The Start-Up Visa program recently broadened the 3-year open work permit available to applicants and their families, which presents a viable solution. It allows Start-Up Visa applicants to cultivate enterprises in Canada while working flexible jobs to generate income.

Several factors contribute to the high approval rates of the Canada Start-Up Visa program. These include the program’s clear and straightforward eligibility requirements, a comprehensive evaluation process that ensures only the most promising startups are approved, and the robust support provided to applicants.


The high approval rates also reflect the Canadian government’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and globally competitive innovation ecosystem. By welcoming international entrepreneurs, Canada enriches its business landscape, creates job opportunities, and drives economic growth.

The consistently high work permit approval rates in the Canada Start-Up Visa program underscore its success in attracting entrepreneurs and startups to Canada. This not only contributes to the vibrancy of Canada’s innovation ecosystem but also bolsters the country’s economy. Watching how these approval rate trends develop in the coming years will be exciting as the program grows and evolves.

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