Latest Official Canada SUV Work Permit Success Rate Released

Eterna has received the latest data from IRCC, and the report shows that the approval rate of work permits through the Canada Start-up Visa program remains consistently high, averaging an impressive 90%. The data also provides exciting news that the approval rate reached an all-time high of 96% in 2021.

Latest Official Canada SUV Work Permit Success Rate

Canada’s Start-up Visa (SUV) program has become a game-changer for immigrant entrepreneurs. Due to the SUV-enhanced rules, it will allow them to work freely in the country while developing an innovative startup. In addition, the SUV program now will enable participants to apply for open work permits valid for up to three years. This new work authorization allows SUV applicants to unlock invaluable advantages that can help them maximize their Canadian immigration experience.


An open work permit in Canada allows immigrants to work for any employer in Canada, unlike employer-specific work permits that restrict the permit holder to work only for a specific employer.


What are the benefits of having an open work permit in Canada:


  • Flexibility to Change Jobs: An open work permit grants you the freedom to work for any employer in Canada. With this type of work permit, you are not bound to a specific employer, meaning you can switch jobs or employers anytime during your stay in Canada. You don’t need to apply for a new work permit if you decide to change your job or employer if your current permit is valid and if you continue to meet the eligibility criteria.


  • Ability to Gain Varied Experience: An open work permit allows you to work in different sectors and industries, which can provide varied experience and skills. This can be especially beneficial for young professionals or those looking to broaden their knowledge.


  • Income Stability: An open work permit provides the opportunity to secure employment and ensure income stability, which is particularly valuable for new immigrants settling in Canada.


  • Spousal Benefits: In some cases, if you have an open work permit, your spouse or common-law partner may also be eligible for an open work permit.


  • Ability to Study: Open work permit holders can also study in Canada, although they might not be eligible for some of the benefits like government financial aid.
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Are your clients ambitious in seeking to grow their businesses in Canada? Look no further than the Start-up Visa program! With enhanced rules with open work permits and an increased quota of PR approvals, it’s the golden time to choose the Canada SUV program.


Eterna International is always willing to share our information with our clients, and we are confident that the SUV program will continue to provide promising opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to move to Canada. Contact us now to get the detailed latest data from IRCC and access our comprehensive service for your clients applying to the Canada SUV program.

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