Attractive SUV Enhancements! Eterna International Submits 4 New Canada Start-up Visa Applications

Eterna International is pleased to announce the successful submission of 4 new Canada Start-up Visa (SUV) applications this month. These cases come on the heels of enhancements to the Start-up Visa program announced earlier this year aimed at encouraging more immigrant entrepreneurs to launch their ventures in Canada. Our submitted cases’ founders will now await visa approval to launch and scale their innovative businesses in Canada’s thriving startup ecosystems.

Some of the key improvements include increased annual visa slots from 1,000 to 3,500, open 3-year work permits, and priority processing for applicants backed by venture capital funds or angel investor groups. A more encouraging point is the latest data shows there’s a 114% month-over-month growth in visa approvals.

Given the increased slots and faster processing times, the Canada Start-up Visa presents an excellent opportunity right now for immigrant entrepreneurs, especially those with commitment letters from qualified VC funds or angel groups. The enhancements create a more inviting environment for new ventures.

As a leading Start-Up immigration service provider, we leverage our expertise and experience to help clients navigate the visa process. Get in touch with Eterna International to learn how we can help you to submit your client’s startup visa application and accelerate their goals of securing Canadian permanent residency.

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