2 More Applicants Will Soon Obtain Their Irish Residency Under the Ireland Investor Immigrant Programme

Two more of our clients will soon Obtain their Irish Residency under the Ireland Investor Immigrant Programme (IIP). They have contributed €400,000 each to the Sensational Kids Flagship Child Development Centre, a critical initiative supporting Ireland’s future generations.

The first application process commenced on June 16, 2022, leading to the acquisition of a Pre-approval on August 30, 2023. Following the successful completion of the donation by our client, we were gratified to receive the final approval on September 27, 2023.

The application for the second candidate was lodged on May 30, 2022. We were pleased to receive a Pre-approval letter for this applicant a little less than a year later, on April 30, 2023. After receiving this letter, the applicant completed the endowment within 90 days. The culmination of this process was receiving the Final Approval letter from INIS, which we were delighted to welcome on October 9, 2023.

Both of these applications have an estimated processing time of around 15 months. The processing time may vary depending on the application’s complexity and the INIS processing center’s workload. The Ireland Investor Immigrant Programme allows investors to acquire residency in European nations. Investors can relish the perks of residing, working, and studying by investing in the Irish economy.

Eterna International’s deep understanding of the Ireland IIP has allowed us to guide countless investors through the complex immigration process. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in immigration, especially in the Ireland IIP program.

Our recent success stories, involving endowments to Sensational Kids Flagship Child Development Centre, are a testament to our commitment to creating win-win situations for our clients and the communities they choose to support. By selecting this project, our clients have not only secured their immigration status but also contributed to Ireland’s child development sector.

The Ireland Investor Immigrant Programme is a unique opportunity for investors. It allows them to secure their future in a prosperous country. We encourage immigration consultants to consider IIP, and we can guide your clients toward successful immigration.

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