PTE Test Result Will Be Accepted to Prove English Skills for the Canada Start-up Visa Program

Recently, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced an important update to the Canada Start-up Visa (SUV) Program. As of January 30, 2024, the Pearson Test of English (PTE Core), provided by Pearson Canada Inc., will be recognized as an acceptable language proficiency test for applicants. This addition marks a pivotal expansion in the options available to candidates to prove their English language skills.

PTE Test Result Will Be Accepted to Prove English Skills for the Canada Start-up Visa Program

According to IRCC’s announcement, the PTE Core will be accepted for all lines of business except the Student Direct Stream (SDS). This broad acceptance underscores the test’s reliability and the confidence IRCC places in its ability to assess language skills accurately.

Also, IRCC has clarified that electronic copies of language test results will be accepted, streamlining the application process and making it more convenient for candidates to submit their documentation.

Applicants must prove their English/French language skills to reach CLB5 to apply for the SUV.

This update is a welcome enhancement to the application process for prospective Start-up Visa applicants. The PTE Core test provides more options and reflects IRCC’s commitment to making the immigration process as accessible and efficient as possible.

Here are some advantages of choosing the PTE test:

  • Entirely computer-based exam: All responses are submitted through a computer.
  • Machine scoring: The exam is scored by machines, emphasizing technical skills.
  • High frequency of exams: PTE exams are conducted frequently, with multiple sessions available daily, providing ample registration opportunities.
  • Flexibility: Registration for the exam can be done as late as two days before the test date.
  • Quick result turnaround: Results are typically available within 1-5 business days and can be received as early as the next day.
  • Easy re-registration: If scores are slightly below the required threshold, immediate registration for the next available session is possible.

As Canada continues to open its doors to international talent, the Start-up Visa Program is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs worldwide. With the addition of the Pearson Test of English, the path to joining Canada’s business ecosystem has become even more accessible.

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