Confirmed! Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program Issued Three-Year Work Permits

The latest issued work permits show another exciting development surrounding the Canada Start-Up Visa program. Our clients have obtained three-year work permits under this program—a significant extension from the previous one-year permits.
The Canada Start-up Visa has had revolutionary changes lately. The limited quotas to the Designated Organization and guidelines for the application fast-track are leading the program to take a better step for all applicants, and recent changes have made it even more attractive.
Extended Three-Year Work Permits 
In Mid-2023, IRCC announced some enhancements, including issuing a three-year work permit, increasing admission spots, expediting processing times, and converting the closed work permit into an open work permit.
Now, the extended work permit proves that IRCC keeps improving the program and shows the importance of the SUV program to the IRCC. We look forward to the prospect of transitioning from a three-year close work permit to an open work permit, which is on the horizon.
The extension of work permits from one to three years under the Canada Start-Up Visa program is a game-changer. This shift enhances the stability and planning horizon for entrepreneurs relocating to Canada. Previously, the one-year close work permit posed a substantial challenge, limiting long-term business planning and stability. With a three-year timeline, start-up owners can fully immerse themselves in setting up and expanding their business, free from the pressure of permit renewal.
Benefits to the Whole Family
Not only the issued three-year work permit, but the benefits of this updated program extend beyond all applicants. Entrepreneurs’ spouses are now eligible for three-year open work permits, compared to the previous one-year term. This longer duration empowers spouses to seek and maintain employment in Canada, thus supporting the family’s financial stability and integration into Canadian society.
Moreover, children of start-up visa holders can now secure three-year study permits, allowing them uninterrupted schooling and a smoother adaptation to their new environment.
A Leading Choice for Immigrants
Eterna International remains at the forefront, assisting clients in navigating this promising path to Canadian immigration, especially through the Canada Start-up Visa. Our recent success in securing three-year permits for our clients underscores our expertise and dedication to achieving the best outcomes.
Now is the golden time to choose the Start-up Visa program! The improved Canada Start-Up Visa program represents a unique and compelling opportunity for potential immigrants contemplating where to launch their next venture. The extended permit durations, coupled with increased processing efficiency and the potential for open work permits, make this program a standout choice among global immigration options.
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