Canada Start-up Visa Seminars in Vietnam: Partner with Eterna to Catch the Golden Time of SUV

Eterna International recently attended several seminars in Vietnam to share new insights after the enhancements of the Canada Start-up Visa (SUV) program. Nicolas Laurin, L.L.B, and Eterna Vietnam Business Development Director Tracy Hua were the speakers at these events, attracting over 100 attendees.
The seminars provided an overview of the SUV program and highlighted key enhancements recently announced by the Canadian government. These changes include tripling the number of available spots to 3,500 in 2023, introducing 3-year open work permits, and prioritizing applications with solid investor backing (Angel Investor Groups or Venture Capital Funds).
Many attendees expressed great interest in the SUV program for starting a business in Canada. Canada’s welcoming attitude toward immigrant entrepreneurs makes the SUV an appealing “second home” option. Participants were curious about the benefits and had questions our speakers addressed in detail, sharing their expertise on successfully obtaining SUV approval.
Eterna’s Canada Start-up Visa seminars received an enthusiastic response in Vietnam. With the program’s recent improvements, we expect strong demand from aspiring entrepreneur immigrants even after the events conclude. Eterna is well-equipped to guide clients through the SUV application process and help make their Canadian business dreams a reality. Our specialized services can give applicants the most significant advantage in securing start-up visas.
We look forward to organizing more Canada SUV events in Vietnam and assisting driven individuals to launch innovative businesses in Canada’s thriving start-up ecosystem. With Eterna’s support, the enhanced Start-up Visa program is an accessible path for immigrant entrepreneurs to secure residency and contribute to Canada’s business success.
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