Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Eterna International

Eterna International is pleased to announce that we have become the newest Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCCE) member.

Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Eterna International

As a global mobility division of Eterna Group, a financial conglomerate with its roots dating back to 1928, we at Eterna International are thrilled to join CCCE’s network of members working to build stronger Canada-Spain commercial relations.

The Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCCE) was established in December 2007 as a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering business between Canada and Spain. CCCE serves as a platform for communication and information sharing to deepen ties between the two nations.

CCCE offers an excellent opportunity for us to grow our partnerships in Spain. As a new CCCE member, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with other respected companies and institutions from Canada and Spain. We aim to extend our reach in Spain through CCCE’s business services, networking events, and promotion opportunities. In the future, we can provide better service to our clients with a significant interest in Spanish business and residency options.

CCCE President Zulema Platero Rivas noted that the chamber mediates to support members’ economic activities and interests. We are confident CCCE membership will open doors and serve our expansion goals in Spain’s thriving market.

We thank CCCE for this warm welcome. Eterna International is committed to contributing to the chamber and helping build bridges between Canada and Spain. We are glad to provide our professional services to new and old clients as the latest Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce member.

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