Canada Rated #1 for Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Multiple International Rankings

Recent reports from prominent international organizations have affirmed Canada’s position as the top destination for immigrant entrepreneurs looking to launch startups or grow businesses abroad.


The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) named Canada the most attractive country among its 37 members for foreign startup founders and entrepreneurs in its annual talent competitiveness ranking. Canada scored highly across categories like access to capital, market conditions, and regulatory framework.


Similarly, Canada claimed the #1 spot in the 2023 edition of the OECD Indicators of Talent Attractiveness. The ranking focuses specifically on policies and ecosystem factors that help attract global entrepreneurial talent.

Canada Rated #1 for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Canada’s startup visa program, which provides a direct pathway from temporary residence to permanent immigration, was cited as a critical advantage by both reports.


With these significant enhancements implemented, Canada’s start-up ecosystem is poised for a new wave of growth and vibrancy. The increased annual spots, streamlined processing, and flexible work permits will inject fresh energy into the system and attract even more high-potential immigrant entrepreneurs.


Those who are exploring business immigration options should strongly consider the revamped Start-up Visa program for its improved chances of securing permanent residence and its ability to tap into Canada’s thriving innovation networks. The program’s prioritization of applicants backed by established incubators, venture capital funds, and angel investor groups provides a strategic advantage for gaining quick approval. For those aspiring to launch their ventures in a leading startup hub, the updated Canadian Start-up Visa represents an unparalleled opportunity to turn entrepreneurial dreams into reality.


The Financial Express highlighted Canada as the “most appealing destination” for immigrant entrepreneurs within OECD nations. Factors like the startup visa, availability of funding, and openness to immigrants were noted.


With top rankings across multiple international reports, Canada is a premier destination for immigrant business founders looking to launch and scale companies. Its startup visa program and access to capital, pro-business policies, and inclusive society give Canada a competitive edge in attracting global entrepreneurial talent.

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