Eterna’s Early March Achievement: Securing More Than 30 IIP Pre-Approvals

We have more good news to share with you regarding IIP pre-approvals, thanks to Eterna’s professional team. Hot on the heels of receiving over 20 pre-approval letters for the Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) in the first week of March, we have continued to receive an additional 13 pre-approval letters in the second week of. More than 30 families will obtain their Stamp 4 Visas after they complete the final approvals because of Eterna’s assistance and comprehensive service.

IIP Pre-Approvals
Applications’ Processing time of these IIP Pre-Approvals

The applications for these latest approvals were predominantly submitted between September and December 2022, indicating an approximate application processing time of around 18 months. The shortest processing time in these cases is about 16 months; the applicant submitted the application in December 2022.

Since 2018, Eterna International has established itself as a leading fundraising entity for IIP-recognized charitable activities. We maintain strong partnerships with top-tier charitable organizations in Ireland, offering our clients valuable and impactful donation opportunities. Furthermore, Eterna is a trusted partner of the Trinity College Dublin Foundation, possessing charitable donation quotas. Given the competitive nature and limited availability of IIP donation slots, opting for Eterna will position your clients advantageously to secure these coveted opportunities.

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