5 Reasons why so many expats get Turkish citizenship

Turkey has lately become a prime destination. Previously under the radar, Turkey has been gaining recognition for its scenic beauty, welcoming people, scrumptious food, beautiful weather, job opportunities, quality education, and European standard of living.

The strength of a Turkish passport and the ease with which a Turkish passport can allow one to reside in the US or the UK is reason enough why as of late, investor immigrants are flocking towards this country. Turkey is an excellent option for people looking for good job opportunities, affordable education, or just a change of scenery.

Here are 5 reasons why so many investors acquire Turkey citizenship:

1. A strong passport 

With a Turkish passport, you can travel VISA-free to more than 100 countries, including Japan, Qatar, South Korea, Brazil, South Africa, and many others.

Turkish passport holders can obtain a long-term travel visa to the US. They can apply for the US E-2 visa, allowing them to reside in the US for five years and subsequent and unlimited two-year extensions. Turkish citizens can also obtain a C-2 Schengen visa valid for five years.

The most significant benefit of a Turkish passport is being allowed to enter the country under any circumstance.

2. Spectacular business opportunities

Running a business in Turkey is more accessible and beneficial than in many other countries due to its multiple free zone areas aimed to promote and increase export-oriented investment and production, benefiting from tax exemption.

Moreover, investors with Turkish passports can quickly obtain an E-2 visa to run a business in the US. The E-2 visa is valid for five years, with unlimited two-year extensions. The E-2 visa allows investors to live in the US and their spouses and unmarried children below the age of 21.

3. Affordable and quality education 

Turkey offers some of the highest quality and most affordable educational opportunities. Certain Turkish universities charge as less as $250 per year for higher education without compromising on the quality of the education. There are over 200 universities in Turkey. Six of them are on the list of Top 500 universities in the world, according to the World University Ranking.

4. Excellent healthcare

Turkey hospitals have some of the most advanced medical equipment and technologies. In the last two decades, Turkey has seen tremendous growth and development in medical technology. Even the comparatively smaller hospitals have the most advanced medical equipment. Besides, compulsory health insurance for foreigners guarantees the best medical care.

5. Great Standard of Living. 

Turkey is one of the best places to live on a budget. You can live a more-than-comfortable lifestyle on an average income.

Next comes the food; Scrumptious, delicious, and healthy. Turkey gastronomy is up there.

The Turkish weather suits almost everyone. It has 100 sunny days and very mild winters. One can enjoy every day outdoors without the sun being scorching hot or the air being deathly humid.

Besides everything else, Turkey is a very safe and free country. Cities like Bodrum, Izmir, Bursa, Istanbul, Antalya, and many others are incredibly safe. You won’t see any disorderly people roaming around, no homelessness. You could walk the streets of Turkey past midnight and feel completely safe.

The Turks are one of the most friendly and welcoming people in the world. Their jovial nature will always make you feel at home. Turkey creates a warm ambiance for all its visitors, making it hard for them to leave the country behind.

Once you come to Turkey, you will find reasons to reside in this beautiful country. You should go and scope the country out a bit.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

A foreign immigrant investor can acquire Turkish citizenship by fulfilling the following conditions:

  1. Purchase a real estate property in Turkey with an appraised value exceeding USD 400,000.
  2. The payment must be made directly by the principal applicant
  3. The principal applicant must hold the property for at least three years
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